Foraging for Wild Foods

If you’re looking to connect with nature and discover new flavours, foraging can be a rewarding and exciting experience. From berries and nuts to herbs and mushrooms, the wild habitat of the UK is full of edible treasures waiting to be discovered.

Our guides are designed to help you get started on your foraging journey. We’ll cover the basics of foraging, including how to identify some of the most common and tasty edible plants, as well as how to avoid any poisonous ones. We’ll also share tips on where and when to forage, and how to harvest and prepare your wild finds which you can find on our wild recipes page.

But foraging isn’t just about finding free food – it’s also about connecting with your local ecosystem and learning about the natural world around you. By foraging, you can gain a deeper understanding of the seasonal cycles, biodiversity, and ecology of your area.

If that wasn’t enough for you then foraging can also be a fun and social activity. You can go foraging with friends or family, or join a local foraging group to meet like-minded people and learn from experienced foragers. We list foragers in our forager directory, or if you’ve got enough of your own knowledge you can also go solo if you prefer.

So why not give foraging for wild plants a try? Hopefully after exploring our plant guides below, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the wild flavours and hidden treasures of your local environment. Happy foraging!