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Foraged Foods is a blog about wild food, predominantly found within Britain. It’s all about the enjoyment of going foraging in the wild, identifying edible foods and then finding some great things to do with them!

Who’s behind Foraged Foods? 🍄


Matt and Silvia

My names Matt and I’m from Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. From a young age I’ve always loved going out foraging, and have been lucky enough to live in some amazing parts of the UK including the coast of Cornwall as well as Dorset. Within Dorset I was just a few minutes from the sea whilst also being a short journey from the New Forest – so a great location for foraging!

I’d moved to Cornwall to study a degree in Marine Conservation, a subject which I really enjoyed despite learning about a lot of the slightly depressing statistics regarding the plight of the oceans. It may sound a bit hypocritical of me to boast about enjoying foraging for wild food whilst also being keen on conservationist issues, but I feel that if you’re very sensible about the way in which you gather wild foods; ignoring any rarer specimens, leaving plenty behind for others to enjoy (insects, animals and humans included), and generally being respectful about the surroundings, then there should be no harm done.

My girlfriend Silvia works as a nursery school teacher and shares my passion for the wild. Also coming from a coastal area, this time the north of Spain, there’s nothing she enjoys more than picking wild blackberries in late summer, surrounded by the smell of salty air. Silvia is the more creative of the two of us, so she’s responsible for many of the photos you see in this blog.


We’re always open to letting other foragers share their knowledge with us by writing a post on the blog, so if you’d like to submit a guest post then just send us a message. By no means are we expert foragers – we’re always learning new things about foraging, and the hope of having this website is to enable us to have a platform to share what we learn whilst also helping others along the way.

We both love spending the day out foraging for wild foods, and then heading home before coming up with some nice recipes to go with it. Nothing beats a long day walking outside in the country, stumbling across some wild delicacies, and then taking a few home to sample at the end of an exhausting day. Hopefully if you’re reading this now then you feel the same way about foraging too.

You can follow us on social media using a few of the links below, but we’re both pretty bad at using them, let alone keeping them up to date, so please be patient with us if you try communicating with us via any of the below! (It’s usually best to email me – [email protected] if you wanted to discuss something with us…)

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