How can I collect Wild Sea Buckthorn?


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    Having some difficulties with Sea Buckthorn. I’d love to collect some to try experimenting with them (I think they’re full of vitamins and generally very healthy) but they’re also very hard to collect in large quantities – when you go to pick them they explode, and the bushes are very prickly too (I have photo evidence of this!)

    Does anyone know any special methods for harvesting these without causing injury or ruining the berries?



    Hey LouLou,

    I seem to remember watching something on a Ray Mears BBC2 show many years ago, he and Gordon were out collecting buckthorn by the bucketful. They talked about your issue too, and had some kind of “claw” contraption – a wire hand which allowed the berries to be collected (didn’t matter if they were squished) which had a bowl below to catch all the juice / fallen berries. This allowed them to collect at a distance so they don’t cut themselves too.

    Hope that helps


    Hey LouLou,

    Following on from TheHammers post above, I think this is the YouTube clip of Ray Mears using Sea Buckthorn which you can watch below. Hope that helps!


    Well done, you should try crowdfunding and make them, maybe some of your other ideas which I am sure you have because it would seem this could apply to other berries being picked.

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